[WCSA – Wowtimes - Almanac Events & Achievements 2023] Milestones in 120 years of development of August Storck, a famous German confectionery producer (1903)


(wcsa.world) August Storck KG, doing business as Storck, is a German confectionery producer with headquarters in Berlin.

The company is known for producing a wide range of sweets, including candies, chocolates, and other confectionery products. Storck has become a global player in the confectionery industry and is recognized for popular brands such as Werther's Original, Toffifee, and Merci.



The company has over 7.000 employees and operates production facilities in Berlin, Halle (Westf.), and Ohrdruf (Thüringen). Storck's products are sold in over 100 countries around the world.


(Wowtimes) August Storck’sHistory andAchievements

  • 1903: August Storck, also known as Oberwelland, founded the Werther’s confectionery factory.
  • 1909: The number of employees increased to a dozen
  • 1921: The youngest of his three sons, Hugo Oberwelland, took control of the factory. Over 200 varieties of candies were being produced and sold as colourful “lumps” in glass jars in shops.
  • 1934: Hugo Oberwelland invented Germany’s first brand of candies: the “Storck 1 Pfennig RIESEN”
  • 1937: 71 employees worked for Storck and products were shipped to most parts of Germany.
  • 1953: the second Storck brand Mamba was introduced.
  • 1954: chocolate production began in one of the most modern facilities in Germany.
  • 1958: Storck employees were working 40 hours per week with full wage compensation – 20 years earlier than the entire industry sector.
  • 1962: nimm2 is introduced, the first candy to contain vitamins.
  • 1964: Merci chocolate brand offers different flavours all individually packed. 
  • 1967: a second production facility was established in Berlin solely to manufacture the finest chocolate.
  • 1973: Another innovative chocolate specialty was introduced into the shops: Toffifee, a hazelnut coated in caramel, nougat cream, and chocolate.
  • 1975: Storck was awarded the “Gold Seal for Industry in the Countryside” for its location in Halle (Westphalia).
  • 1983: Knoppers, the milk and hazelnut wafer, was introduced. The newcomer in the snack bar market soon became a breakfast favorite.
  • 1993: Shortly after the German reunification, a new factory in Ohrdruf, Thuringia was established.
  • 1996: Storck introduced the first fruit gums containing vitamins: nimm2 Lachgummi.
  • 2003: Over 4,500 people and 47 nationalities are part of the Storck family in this anniversary year.
  • 2005: Storck introduced Nimm2 soft vitamin gums.
  • 2015: High investment at the three German production plants ensures Storck’s technological edge. State-of-the-art production lines are being developed internally securing continual product range expansion and enabling the development of new market segments.
  • 2023: with over 7,000 employees worldwide, the company produces a wide variety of candy and chocolate products, which are sold in over 100 countries.

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