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(wcsa.world) Asiana Airlines Inc. is a South Korean airline headquartered in Seoul.

Asiana Airlines maintains its international hub at Seoul's Incheon International Airport, and its domestic hubs at Gimhae International Airport in Busan and Gimpo International Airport in Seoul. It is a full-service airline and a member of Star Alliance. Most of Asiana's pilots, ground staff, and flight attendants are based in Seoul.


Asiana Airlines is the largest shareholder of Air Busan, a low-cost regional carrier that the airline had established as joint venture with Busan Metropolitan City. The airline also operates the low-cost carrier Air Seoul as a wholly-owned subsidiary.


(Wowtimes) Asiana’s history and achievements

  • 1988: Asiana was established on 17 February and started operations in December with flights to Busan.
  • 1989, Asiana began regular services to Jeju City, Gwangju, and Daegu.
  • 1990: Asiana began its first scheduled international services, to the Japanese cities of Tokyo, Nagoya, Sendai, and Fukuoka.
  • 1991: Asiana began services to Bangkok, Singapore, Hong Kong, and Taipei. Transpacific flights to Los Angeles began in December.
  • 1993: Asiana began services in Ho Chi Minh City in Vietnam.
  • 1996: The company was awarded first-in-class certification by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) for meeting the criteria for ISO 14001
  • 1998: Asiana Airlines has rapidly expanded since its establishment to become a mid-sized global carrier with a current fleet of 85 aircraft.
  • 1999: The airline was listed in KOSDAQ.
  • 2003: The airline became a full Star Alliance member, expanding its worldwide network and global brand.
  • 2004: Asiana expanded its routes into mainland China.
  • 2009: Air Transport World awarded Asiana its Airline of the Year award
  • 2010: Asiana Airlines was named Airline of the Year by Skytrax at the 2010 World Airline Awards
  • 2011: Global Traveller awarded the airline 2011 Airline of the Year
  • 2012: Business Traveller awarded the airline's 2012 Best Overall Airline in the World.
  • 2019: Asiana accounted for 25% of South Korea's international aviation market and 20% of its domestic market.
  • 2023: The airline operates 90 international passenger routes, 14 domestic passenger routes, and 27 cargo routes throughout Asia, Europe, North America, and Oceania.

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