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(wcsa.world) NYK Line, known as Nippon Yusen Kabushiki Kaisha, is one of Japan's major shipping companies.

NYK Line is a leading global logistics enterprise with a focus on container shipping, logistics, and terminal operations. The company was founded in 1885 and has since grown into a prominent player in the international shipping industry.



NYK Line operates a vast fleet of container ships, bulk carriers, car carriers, and other types of vessels. The company provides various maritime services, including container transport, logistics solutions, and terminal operations at various ports worldwide.



As with many large shipping companies, NYK Line plays a crucial role in facilitating global trade by transporting goods across oceans and connecting businesses around the world. It is part of the global network of shipping and logistics companies that contribute to moving goods and materials across different continents.

(Wowtimes) NYK Line’s history and achievements

  • 1885: Mitsubishi Mail Steamship Company and Kyodo Unyu Kaisha merged to form Nippon Yusen Kaisha (NYK). The new company inaugurated operations with a fleet of 58 steamships.
  • 1886: Liner service began between Nagasaki, Japan, and Tianjin, China.
  • 1893: Japan's first long-distance liner service began on the Bombay route.
  • 1896: London branch opened. Liner service began on European, Seattle, and Australian routes.
  • 1916: Liner service to New York via Panama Canal began.
  • 1917: Liner service to the east coast of South America began.
  • 1926: The liner gained routes to San Francisco and the west coast of South America.
  • 1939: The liner acquired Kinkai Yusen Kaisha Ltd.
  • 1959: Group's first crude oil tanker, Tamba Maru, launched.
  • 1960: Group's first iron ore tanker, Tobata Maru, launched.
  • 1962: World's first large LPG carrier, Bridgestone Maru, launched.
  • 1964: NYK and Mitsubishi Shipping Co. Ltd. merged to form a newly enlarged NYK Group. The world's first wood-chip carrier, Kure Maru, launched.
  • 1968: Hakone Maru, Japan's first fully containerized ship, began service on the new California route.
  • 1971: Container service to Europe began.
  • 1978: Nippon Cargo Airlines Co. Ltd. (NCA) established.
  • 1979: Container service to the Persian Gulf began.
  • 1983: NYK Line (Singapore) Pte. Ltd. established.
  • 1988: NYK Line (North America) Inc. established.
  • 1991: Asuka, Japan's largest luxury cruise ship, began service.
  • 1995: NYK Line (China) Co. Ltd. established.
  • 2002: NYK (including chartered fleet) obtained ISO14001 certification, the world's first for a shipping company.
  • 2010: The Group entered the offshore shuttle tanker business by purchasing an interest in Knutsen Offshore Tankers AS.
  • 2015: Japan's first LNG-fueled tugboat, Sakigake, launched.
  • 2016: World's first LNG-fueled pure car and truck carrier (PCTC) delivered.
  • 2019: World's first Maritime Autonomous Surface Ships trial conducted.
  • 2020: Japan's first LNG-fueled pure car and truck carrier(PCTC)delivered.
  • 2021: NYK Line became the first Japanese shipping firm to join the Sustainable Shipping Initiative's Ship Recycling Transparency Initiative,
  • 2023: NYK Line operated a fleet of over 800 ships, which includes container ships, tankers, bulk and woodchip carriers, roll-on/roll-off car carriers, reefer vessels, LNG carriers, and cruise ships.

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