[WCSA - Wowtimes - Almanac Events & Achievements 2023] Impressive turning points in the 64 years of development of Kyobo Life Insurance, one of the largest life insurance companies in Korea (1958)


(wcsa.world) Kyobo Life Insurance Company is a South Korean life insurance company headquartered in Seoul, South Korea, formerly known as Daehan Kyoyuk Insurance.

Kyobo Life Insurance Company, one of the largest life insurers in South Korea, was founded in 1958 based on the philosophy of "Promotion of Education" and "Formation of National Capital" that are believed by the founder of the company Mr Yong-ho Shin.

From its initial product, as well as recognised as the first education insurance plan in the world, Kyobo has grown to be a group consists of Life Insurance, Securities, Investment Management, IT Services, Real Estate and businesses that supports the function of financial services, and Korea’s signature online / offline Book Centre.


The company's milestones:

- In 1958: Daehan Kyoyuk Insurance Co., Ltd. (presently Kyobo Life Insurance Co. Ltd.) was established.

- In 1979: Kyobo Real Estate Management Co., Ltd. (presently Kyobo Realco, Inc.) was established.

- In 1980: Kyobo Book Centre was established.

- In 1987:

Established representative offices in New York and Tokyo

Opened "Gaesungwon" a high quality manpower development center

- In 1988: Established Kyobo Investment Trust Management Co., Ltd.

- In 1991: Established the Daesan Foundation for Rural Culture and Society

- In 1994: Acquired Daehan Securities, and changed its name to Kyobo Securities Co., Ltd.

- In 1995: Corporate name changed from Daehan Kyoyuk Insurance Co., Ltd. to Kyobo Life Insurance Co., Ltd.

- In 1997: Established Kyobo Foundation for Education and Culture.

- In 1998: Established Saengbo Real Estate Trust Co., Ltd.

- In 2001: Acquired Korea Direct, and renamed Kyobo Auto Insurance Co., Ltd.

- In 2002: Established  Kyobo Insurance Investigation Co., Ltd., A&D Credit Information Co., Ltd and KYOBO DASOMI, a special unit dedicated to community service.

- In 2004: Established representative office in Beijing.

- In 2008: Launched Dasomi Foundation, the first social enterprise.

- In 2010: Joined the global convention on Corporate Social Responsibility, became a member of the UNGC (UN Global Compact).

- In 2011: Kyobo Insurance Investigation Co., LTD. is renamed to KCA Claim Adjustment Co., Ltd.

- In  2013: Establish Kyobo Life Planet Life Insurance Co., Ltd.

- In 2019: Acquired 100% shares of Kyobo Information & Communication, making it a wholly owned subsidiary.

- In 2020: Kyobo Asset Trust (formerly Saengbo Real Estate Trust) launched.

- In 2021: Ranked the 1st Korean Consumer Protection Index by the Korea Efficiency Association Consulting Group.

- In 2023: Kyobo AIM Asset Management (formerly Pavilion Asset Management) launched.

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