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(wcsa.world) Nidec has grown into a market-leading global motor manufacturing and distribution company in the short span of 40 years due to the fact that it has never stopped striving to become the "world's No.1."

Nidec Corporation (Japanese name is Nidec Kabushiki-gaisha) is a Japanese manufacturer and distributor of electric motors. Their products are found in hard-disk drives, electric appliances, automobiles and commercial and manufacturing equipment. The company has the largest global market share for the tiny spindle motors that power hard-disk drives.

The founder is Shigenobu Nagamori. The company maintains and continues to hold the world's largest market share in the development and production of high-quality small motors, with a global market share of approximately 11%. Nidec is listed in the first section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange and is a constituent of the TOPIX 100 stock market index.

The two product groups with the largest sales are hard-disk drive motors and automotive products with 16% and 22% of sales, respectively.


The company’s milestones:

1973: Shigenobu Nagamori, current chairman of the board, president and CEO, established Nippon Densan Corporation (now Nidec Corporation) in Nishikyo-ku, Kyoto with a capital of 20 million yen.


  • Opened a sales agent in the US.
  • Relocated its head office to Omiya, Nakagyo-ku, Kyoto.

1975: Launched full-scale production of brushless DC motors.


1976: Established Nidec America Corp in the US.

1979: Started production of spindle motors for 8-inch hard disk device.

1983: Moved headquarters to Karasuma Oike, Nakagyou-ku, Kyoto.

1984: Established Nidec Torin Corporation in the US. Started production of spindle motor for 3.5-inch hard disk device.

1989: Established Nidec Singapore Pte. Ltd. in Singapore.

1990: Established Nidec Electronics Co., Ltd. In Thailand.

1992: Established Nidec (Dalian) Ltd. in China.

1993: Established Nidec Electronics GmbH in Germany.

1995: Established Nidec Philippines Corp. in the Philippines.

1997: Established Nidec Tosok (Vietnam) Co., Ltd. through a joint investment with Tosok Corp.

1998: Established PT Nidec Indonesia in Indonesia.

1999: Established Nidec Korea Corp. in Korea.

2003: The building for the Head Office and Central Technical Laboratory was completed in Minami-ku, Kyoto.


2006: Established Nidec Motors & Actuators by acquiring the motor and actuator business of Valeo S.A., a French company.

2012: Established SC Wado Component Co., Ltd (Cambodia) as the first operating base in Cambodia.

2014: Nidec was featured on the 2014 Forbes World's Most Innovative Companies list.

2017: Unified corporate brand logos of group companies to “Nidec”.

As of2017: the company had 296 subsidiaries located in Japan, Asia, Europe and America.

2023: The company name changed to Nidec Kabushiki gaisha (Nidec Corporation).


According to Wikipedia & nidec.com

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