[Wcsa - Wowtimes - Almanac Events & Achievements 2023] Important innovations of technology corporation Emerson Electric Co during 132 years of development (1890)


(worldkings.org) Emerson Electric Co. is an American multinational corporation headquartered in Ferguson, Missouri. The Fortune 500 company manufactures products and provides engineering services for industrial, commercial, and consumer markets. Emerson has approximately 86,700 employees and 170 manufacturing locations.

The company’s milestones: 

1890: The companywas established in St. Louis, Missouri, as Emerson Electric Manufacturing Co. by Civil War Union veteran John Wesley Emerson to manufacture electric motors using a patent owned by the Scottish-born brothers Charles and Alexander Meston.

1892: Emerson Electric Manufacturing Co. became the first to sell electric fans in the United States. It quickly expanded its product line to include electric sewing machines, electric dental drills, and power tools.

1897: The Emerson ceiling fan is introduced, making high-rise buildings livable.



1899: Emerson introduces the Parker scalloped blade design, moving air more quietly and efficiently.

1920: Under the leadership of Thomas Meston, the company expands into a new, eight-story factory building in St. Louis.

Emerson continues to expand through cornerstone acquisitions such as Rosemount (process control instruments) in 1976, Copeland (compressors for air conditioning and refrigeration systems) in 1986, Liebert (uninterruptible power and precision cooling systems) in 1987 and Fisher Controls (process control valves and regulators) in 1992.

1989: The Emerson Motor Technology Center is established to support engineering and innovation in advanced motor design.

2001: Emerson makes two key moves in the fast-growing Asian markets, purchasing Avansys, China’s leading network power provider, and forming Emerson Network Power India Private Ltd.



2009: Emerson introduces DeltaV™​ Electronic Marshalling with CHARacterization Module (CHARM) technology. This new solution reduces the complexity of connecting automation systems with thousands of temperature, pressure, level, flow, and other control and measurement devices in a typical process operation. The approach helps companies complete projects on budget, on time.

2010: Emerson opens the Emerson Innovation Center, Fisher® Technology in Marshalltown, Iowa (USA).  This facility performs “flow testing” for every Fisher control valve design that simulates real-world plant conditions, including seismic qualifications for valves used in nuclear power plants.

2012: Emerson introduces the Trellis™ platform, the first data center infrastructure management (DCIM) hardware and software package that can control a complete array of data center equipment and IT resources from a single console.

2014: Emerson opens the Emerson Innovation Center, Process Systems and Solutions, in Round Rock, Texas (USA) to drive research and development for its process control and automation technologies.



2019: Emerson launches a new Digital Transformation business within its Automation Solutions platform to bring together critical resources to help manufacturers develop and implement pragmatic digital transformation strategies to deliver industry-leading performance.

2022: Emerson introduces its new Emerson Management System, focused on three value creation opportunities: Organic Growth, Portfolio Management and Operational Excellence. 

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