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(wcsa.world) Rohto Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. is a multinational FMCG and pharmaceutical corporation headquartered in Ikuno-ku, Osaka, Japan, with presence in North America, Europe and Asia.

Rohto currently operates in three consumer segments: Beauty (through cosmetics), Health (through dietary supplements) and Healing (through over-the-counter medicines).

Rohto's famous product lines can be mentioned as Lipice, Oxy B, Rohto Eyedrops, Sunplay, BodyIce, Mentholatum, Selsun, Acnelogy.

The company has two factories, one in Tatsumi-nishi, Ikuno-ku, Osaka (headquarters) and the other in Iga-shi, Mie Prefecture. Research laboratories are located at three locations: headquarters, Iga City, and Kizugawa City, Kyoto Prefecture.


The company's milestones:

In 1899: Shintendo Yamada Anmin Pharmacy founded.

In 1909: Launched Rohto's first eye drops product.

In 1931: Launched "Rohto Eye Drop" in a new and unique container which was the first of its kind, introducing an innovation in the eye drops market.

In 1949: Rohto Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. established.

In 1952: Launched "Rohto Peni-my" eye drops..

In 1954: Launched "Siron" gastrointestinal medicine.

In 1961: Rohto Pharmaceutical listed on the Second Section of Osaka Stock Exchange.

In 1962: Launched "Pansiron" gastrointestinal medicine.

In 1964: Launched "V Rohto" eye drops.

In 1965: Yamada Swimming Club founded.

In 1967: Launched "Pansiron G" gastrointestinal medicine.

In 1970: Launched "Kodomo V Rohto,"an eye drops product for children.

- In 1973: Launched "Namida Rohto," an artificial tear eye drops product, in novel and innovative container was designed with the image of tears.

In 1975: Acquired Mentholatum trademark rights from The Mentholatum Company, Inc. (USA). Launched "Mentholatum Ointment" and "Mentholatum Medicated Lip," a lip balm.

In 1977: Yamada Science Foundation established.

In 1979: Launched "Mentholatum Medicated Campus Lip," the first stick-type lip balm targeted the youth.

In 1983: Launched Medicated "Campus Lip" lip balm.

In 1985: Launched "Checker" pregnancy test kit.

In 1987: Launched "Rohto Alguard" eye drops for allergic diseases and "Rohto Zi," which became synonymous with the youth eye drops products..

In 1990: Launched Mentholatum AD Cream, a product that explore the middle-aged market with its feature of mitigating itchiness caused by dry skin.

In 1991: Established The Mentholatum (Zhongshan) Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. in Zhongshan, Guangdong province, China.

In 1993: Launched "Dotest hCG," a pregnancy test kit originally developed by Rohto, "Pansiron Now," a chewable-type gastrointestinal medicine and "SUNPLAY Sunscreen Cream".

In 1995: Entered the new field of contact lens market with "Rohto C Cube," a contact lens care solution.

In 1996: Established P.T. Rohto Laboratories Indonesia.

In 1997: Thành lập Rohto-Mentholatum (Vietnam) Co., Ltd.

In 1999: Ueno Techno Center completed, and began operation of eye drops production, R&D and logistics hub.

In 2001: Launched  functional skincare brand "Obagi."

In 2003: Launched a sensitive skincare brand "Promedial.".

In 2004: Launched basic skincare brand "Hada-labo."

In 2006: Opened "Rohto Research Village Kyoto" laboratory in Kyoto, Japan. Launched "OXY" as a men's skincare brand in Japan.

In 2009: Launched a high-end skincare brand "Episteme."

In 2010: Established Rohto Pharma (India) Pvt. Ltd. and Rohto-Mentholatum (Bangladesh) Ltd.

In 2011: Set up the "Earthquake Reconstruction Support Office" for children who lost their parents due to the disaster.

In 2013: Opened a restaurant-deli-cafe “Shunkoku Shunsai” in the “Grand Front Osaka” building in front of the JR Osaka Station.

In 2014: Launched a new skincare brand, “SUGAO” and another skincare brand, “CareCera.”

In 2015: Acquired the share of Mayado Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.

In 2016: Acquired A.J. North (Pty) Ltd, a manufacturer of toiletries in the South African Republic, and OPHTHALMOS S.A., an eye drops manufacturer in Brazil.

In 2017: Introduced “Allowance to Support Child-Raising” for single mothers and fathers.

In 2018: Released “ReGRO EX” a hair-growing agent for men.

In 2020: Acquired the shares and the management rights of Nitten Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.

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