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(wcsa.world) Allied Telesis is a network infrastructure–telecommunications company, formerly Allied Telesyn. Headquartered in Japan, their North American headquarters are in San Jose, California.

Founded in 1987, the company is a global provider of secure Ethernet & IP access solutions along with deployment of IP triple play networks over copper and fiber access infrastructure.

Allied Telesis is primarily a provider of equipment for enterprise customers, along with educational and government segments. They also serve moderate and small businesses.


The company's milestones:

- In 1987: System Plus Co. is established with 1 million Yen capital stock in March. In September of the same year, the Company company is renamed Allied Telesis K.K. and in October established the current Allied Telesis Inc. in USA.

- In 1991: Established the current Allied Telesis International (Asia) Pte Ltd. in Singapore..

- In 1995: Allied Telesyn Intl. Pty Ltd. is established in Australia and  Malaysia Sales Office opened.

- In 1997: Taiwan Representative Office is launched.

- In 1999: Acquired the networking division from Teltrend Ltd., USA and established Centrecom Systems Ltd. in the United Kingdom.

- In 2000:

Established Allied Telesyn Europe Service Srl in Italy and Allied Telesyn Korea Co., Ltd. in Korea.

Allied Telesyn Labs New Zealand Ltd., an R&D center, is established in Christchurch, New Zealand.

- In 2001: Established Allied Telesyn Philippines Inc. in the Philippines, Allied Telesyn International mbH in Austria, Allied Telesis (Suzhou) Co., Ltd. in China and the Allied Telesyn Networks Inc R&D Center in North Carolina, USA.

- In 2002: Allied Telesis International SA is established in Switzerland and Allied Telesyn International SLU is established in Spain.

- In 2004: Allied Telesis KK is renamed to Allied Telesis Holdings KK.

- In 2005: Allied Telesis KK acquired ROOT Inc, a wireless network company and established Allied Telesis Capital Corp in Washington D.C, USA.

- In 2006: Allied Telesis Capital Corp opened branch at Yokota Air Base, Japan.

- In 2007: Launched of Triple Play IP Service for U.S Air Force Base in Yokota.

- In 2009: Opened of Oita Sales Office and Gifu Sales Office.

- In 2010: Opening of Ikebukuro Sales Office and Sales offices in Ibaraki, Shizuoka, Nagaoka, Tachikawa, Kobe, Fukui and Kagoshima.

- In 2011: Signed international support and maintenance contract with IBM for next-generation solutions..

- In 2012: Established the Kyoto Global Strategic Research Center in Kyoto, Japan and joined the American Aerospace Industry Association (AIA).

- In 2013:

Released the u-VCF (unified-Virtual Core Fabric) for network to optimize the user network.

Introduced the new solution "EtherGRID" to accelerate the implementation of private cloud.

- In 2014: Allied Telesis launched SBx81CFC960 controller card with terabit fabric for the SwitchBlade x8112.

- In 2015: Established Allied Telesis Wireless Ltd. in Israel; Released an integrated surveillance solution, “Envigilant” to detect threats and monitor visually..

- In 2016: Established PT Allied Telesis Indonesia in Indonesia.

- In 2017: Established the Allied Telesis Vietnam Co., Ltd. in Vietnam.

- In 2018: Released AWC Channel Blanket, the world’s first hybrid wireless LAN system.

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