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(Wcsa.world) Blue Bell Creameries was founded in 1907 in Texas, USA. This is one of the best-selling creams across the United States and a famous brand in many countries.

Blue Bell Creameries is an American ice cream company that was founded in Brenham, Texas in 1907. The company is known for producing a wide variety of ice cream flavors and other frozen desserts, and has grown to become one of the largest ice cream manufacturers in the United States.



Blue Bell produces over 250 different frozen products. Of these, 66 are flavors of ice cream. Some of Blue Bell's most popular flavors include Homemade Vanilla, Cookies 'n Cream, and Dutch Chocolate. The company also produces other frozen desserts, including sherbets, frozen yogurts, and ice cream sandwiches.

Blue Bell Creameries has a strong regional presence in the southern United States, with distribution in over 20 states. The company is also known for its commitment to quality and using only the freshest ingredients in its products.



The company’s milestones:

1907: The company began operations as a cooperative of dairy farmers in Washington County called the Brenham Creamery Company.

1911: The ice cream factory began to produce small quantities of ice cream.

1930: The company is renamed Blue Bell Creameries.

1936: Refrigerated trucks for distribution to retail food outlets replaced horse-drawn delivery wagons.



1969: Blue Bell introduced Homemade Vanilla and Cookies 'n Cream. Blue Bell was the first ice cream manufacturer to make Cookies 'n Cream.

1989: Blue Bell began selling its ice cream in Oklahoma, and throughout the 1990s expansion pushed throughout the South Central and Southern United States, eventually expanding out to New Orleans and Jackson, Mississippi.

As of 1997: Blue Bell Homemade Vanilla was the best-selling single flavor of ice cream in the United States.

2001: Forbes honored Blue Bell as America's best ice cream.



2014: Blue Bell was the best-selling ice cream brand in the United States.

As of 2015: The company operated three manufacturing facilities, with the largest facility in Brenham, and auxiliary facilities in Broken Arrow, Oklahoma, and Sylacauga, Alabama.

2023: A product combining Dr. Pepper-flavored sherbet and vanilla ice cream was released as a collaboration product with Texas-related beverage maker Dr. Pepper.


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