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(worldkings.org) Bose Corporation is an American manufacturing company that predominantly sells audio equipment. The company was established by Amar Bose in 1964 and is based in Framingham, Massachusetts. It is best known for its home audio systems and speakers, noise cancelling headphones, professional audio products and automobile sound systems. Bose has a reputation for being particularly protective of its patents, trademarks, and brands.

The company’s milestones:

1964: The company was founded in Massachusetts by Amar Bose. 

1966: The Bose 2201 was the first product sold by the company. It was an unusual design consisting of 22 speakers, with many of them facing away from the listener.



1968: The company introduced the Bose 901 stereo speaker system, which used eight mid-range drivers pointing towards the wall behind the speaker, and a ninth driver towards the listener.

1972: The company sell its first products outside of the U.S., starting in Germany.

1987: Dr. Bose and Dr. William R. Short win the Intellectual Property Owners Education Foundation’s Inventor of the Year Award for a loudspeaker system employing a folded acoustic waveguide.

1991: A team of Bose researchers debunked a 1989 experiment that claimed to have created energy through cold fusion.



1993: The first Bose retail store was opened in Kittery, Maine

2000: The QuietComfort® headphones forever change air travel for passengers by drastically reducing noise and providing better in-flight entertainment sound quality than ever before.

2011: Dr. Bose donates a majority of Bose Corporation’s non-voting shares to MIT. The dividends on those shares are used to sustain and advance MIT’s education and research mission. The company will remain private and independent.

2014: Bose is the official headset/headphones of the NFL. Bose brings noise cancelling technology to the NFL, improving coaches’ on-field communication and enhancing the in-game experience for fans in the stadium and at home.

2020: The company introduce its QuietComfort® Earbuds. All the quiet of our best-in-class QuietComfort® noise cancelling headphones in a sleek, truly wireless earbud. The QuietComfort® Earbuds deliver big audio quality in a compact, comfortable design, and offer 11 levels of noise control so you can choose how much of the world to let in.



2022: Bose was the first to introduce FDA-cleared, self-fitting hearing augmentation technology for consumers with perceived mild to moderate hearing loss.

2023: Boss introduced the new A30 Aviation Headset. It is an entirely new product, designed to bring pilots the best combination of comfort, noise cancellation and audio clarity of any aviation headset on the market.

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