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(wcsa.world) Each of the Aqua Lung brands serves the specific needs of their demanding customers. Focusing on product innovation, worldwide distribution and customer service, Aqua Lung is dedicated to designing, manufacturing and delivering quality gear for recreational and professional use.

Aqua Lung International (formerly La Spirotechnique) is a large and well-known firm which makes scuba and other self-contained breathing apparatus, and other diving equipment. It produced the Aqua-Lung line of regulators. The Company also offers other scuba diving and snorkeling equipment such as regulators, gauges, masks, fins, torches, knives, rash guards, wet suits, boots, gloves, and accessories. Aqualung International serves customers worldwide.


The company’s rich history as an expert in the dive and water sports industry has led to the demand of Aqua Lung equipment for recreational, technical and military applications in more than 60 countries around the world, under the brand names of Aqua Lung, Aqua Sphere, Apeks, OMER, U.S. Divers, MP Michael Phelps and Stohlquist.


(Wowtimes)Aqua Lung’s history andachievements

  • 1943: French naval officer Jacques-Yves Cousteau and Air Liquide engineer Emile Gagnan developed an autonomous diving system with a demand regulator, the scaphandre autonome. It would soon be called "Aqua-Lung," after Cousteau coined the word for English-speaking countries.
  • 1946: Air Liquide, French producer of industrial gases, established La Spirotechnique. The principal executives were Jacques Cousteau, Emile Gagnan and Jean Delorme, managing director of Air Liquide. This marked the beginning of modern diving.
  • 1950: Distribution of the CG-45 regulator expanded to Great Britain, Canada and the United States. La Spirotechnique launched the Constant Volume Suit, (originally perfected by Cousteau in 1946) the ease of adding and dumping air made it the first modern dry suit.



  • 1952: U.S. Divers Company was founded.
  • 1955: La Spirotechnique launched the Mistral, a single-stage regulator that was cheaper to build and easier to breathe than the CG45. The Mistral became the brands spearhead and set off to establish scuba diving across the world.
  • 1956: Air Liquide acquired U.S. Divers, marking the beginning of the company's international expansion leading to offices in multiple countries including Japan, Germany, the United Kingdom and Australia.
  • 1957: The Aqua-matic single-hose regulator was released and became the first internationally successful single-hose regulator.
  • 1962: La Spiro joined up with Technisub, an Italian manufacturer founded by Luigi Ferraro specializing in rubber and plastic molding, to manufacture fins, masks, and snorkels.
  • 1972: A masterpiece of miniaturization was launched with the release of the Alizé single-hose regulator.
  • 1998: Consolidation of brands under the one Aqua Lung brand name, combined Spirotechnique, U.S. Divers, SeaQuest, Deep See and Technisub. The black-and-yellow individual Aqua Lung logos were replaced by today's blue wave.
  • 2003: La Spirotechnique changed its name to Aqua Lung International. U.S. Divers Company was renamed Aqua Lung America.



  • 2013: Aqua Lung's Details collection was released; it was the first complete line of women's dive products designed by women for women.
  • 2016: Along with the newly acquired Pelagic Pressure Systems, Aqua Lung released its new line of dive instrumentation.
  • 2018: Aqua Lung celebrated 75 years of discovery with the 75th Anniversary of the Aqua-Lung.

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