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(wcsa.world) Founded by husband and wife Douglas and Susie Tompkins in 1966, acquired by Kenneth Klopp two years later and ultimately taken over by the VF Corporation in 2000, The North Face has specialized in technical mountaineering equipment and apparel including sleeping bags, hiking packs, tents, skiwear and high-performance outerwear, as well as performance apparel, footwear and equipment for explorers, climbers and endurance runners (among others).

The North Face is an American outdoor recreation products company. The North Face produces outdoor clothing, footwear, and related equipment. Founded in 1968 to supply climbers, the company's logo draws inspiration from Half Dome, in Yosemite National Park. By the late 1990s, the label had expanded beyond outdoor enthusiasts by focusing on street couture and since the 2000s it is regarded as a streetwear style symbol label. In 2000, it was bought by VF Corporation.



The company’s milestones:

In 1966 - The North Face was founded by husband and wife Douglas and Susie Tompkins.

In 1969 - Lightweight and ultra-functional, the pack revolutionized hiking by making it accessible to all -  “Backpacking” was introduced.

In 1975 - Inspired by architect and inventor R. Buckminster “Bucky” Fuller’s theory of sphericity, The Oval InTENTion is introduced, revolutionizing the A-shaped tent.

In 1977 - An effort to keep skiers warm in the harshest conditions led to the introduction of GORE-TEX® products in The North Face outerwear line: the first dry, breathable and truly all-condition gear.



In 1983 - Extreme Gear, using GORE-TEX® fabric, hits the skiwear market.

In 1985 - The Mountain Jacket and Pant are introduced, providing the same level of comfort and motion to climbers and trekkers as skiers.

In 1989 - The Denali Jacket, a zip-in fleece compatible with the Mountain jacket instantly becomes an icon. Lightweight, durable and exceptionally warm, its legend shows up everywhere its worn.

In 1991 - The first-ever athlete-inspired ski clothing line takes lift lines and rope lines by storm. Described as “the motocross garment of the mountains, designed for those who live, work and climb in the mountains.”

In 1992 - Incorporating an innovative construction that decreases down shifting and increases warmth, the Nuptse Jacket instantly becomes iconic.

In 2006 - The Flight Series™, a new ultralight and ultra-functional line of running apparel launches, changing the game in the same way that the Oval InTENTion and Ruthsack did for alpinists a generation earlier.



In 2010 - The North Face launches the Explore Fund at the 2010 Outdoor Nation Youth Summit in New York City. A grant-giving program with an initial base of $250,000 (increased to $500,000 in 2015), the money supports nonprofit organizations seeking to create a deeper connection between people and nature.

In 2013 - After events of testing on expeditions including two trips to Meru’s Shark’s Fin and Everest, The North Face launches ThermoBall™, a new type of synthetic insulation that closely mimics down clusters.

In 2014 - With a goal of better traceability and animal welfare in the down industry, The North Face creates the Responsible Down Standard and gifts it to the Textile Exchange to administer globally.



In 2018 - The North Face Renewed is created to develop a program to renew, refurbish and recycle used gear.

In 2019 - Developed using innovative nanospinning technology, FUTURELIGHT™ is created to offer the first of its kind breathable, waterproof protection. Unlike conventional membranes, the nano structure of FUTURELIGHT™ allows air to pass through.

In 2021 - The company introduced its most innovative trail footwear technology to date is introduced with VECTIV™, an athlete-tested, lab-proven technology system, designed to maximize energy on the trail.

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