WCSA - Daily Highlighs - February 21, 2018 - Line-X Provides The Ultimate Extreme Truck Bed Protection - Coating Creates Innovative Impact Resistant Guard For Steel And Aluminum Truck Beds


(Wcsa.world) Aluminum and roll-formed, high strength steel beds are both inherently durable and able to stand up to normal wear and tear, but adding a LINE-X bedliner takes their strength to a whole new level.

 LINE-X uses specially formulated polymers that permanently bond to both aluminum and steel surfaces to deliver unmatched durability under the most extreme conditions. Additionally, the product enhances the truck bed’s appearance through a variety of customizable colors – as well as providing extra grip to keep cargo from sliding around in the bed.

Line-x is an extremely durable spray elastomer that uses two compounds which combine at high temperature and high pressure to make an extraordinarily tough protective armor that dries in seconds. The coating is applied by professional technicians at authorized line-x locations around the globe.

Line-x provides extreme protection against a variety of impacts, scratches and other damage – as well as rust, leaks and corrosion.

Line-x spray-on bedliners feature a lifetime warranty against cracking, bubbling and flaking.

Five distinctly different bedliner products to choose from, including color customization and uv protection.

Since line-x protective coatings are a solid, they are environmental friendly and voc-free.

Line-x has undergone a variety of laboratory and real-world tests to ensure all of its products deliver superior levels of protection for virtually any extreme use scenario.

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