[WCSA - ALMANAC EVENTS & ACHIEVEMENTS 2022] Milestones of 74 years of development of Honda, world's leading motorcycle manufacturer (1948 )


(wcsa.world) Honda Motor Company, Ltd. is a Japanese public multinational conglomerate manufacturer of automobiles, motorcycles, and power equipment, headquartered in Minato, Tokyo, Japan.

The company has assembly plants around the globe. These plants are located in China, the United States, Pakistan, Canada, England, Japan, Belgium, Brazil, México, New Zealand, Malaysia, Indonesia, India, Philippines, Thailand, Vietnam, Turkey, Taiwan, Perú and Argentina. As of July 2010, 89 percent of Honda and Acura vehicles sold in the United States were built in North American plants, up from 82.2 percent a year earlier. 

Honda's timeline

On September 24, 1948 Honda Motor Co., Ltd. is established in Hamamatsu-city, Shizuoka Prefecture, with 1 million yen in capital and 34 associates.
1957: The debut of the Dream C70 sets the new standard for the brand with a higher-output engine with a lower price than competitors.

In 1959, American Honda Motor Co., Inc., is established in Los Angeles, U.S

In 1960, Honda begins its first overseas production of automobiles in Taiwan. Motorcycle production begins at Bunshu of Malaysia through a technical tie-up

In 1962, Honda establishes Belgium Honda Motor

In August 1963, the first production automobile from Honda was the T360 mini pick-up truck, which went on sale  

In 1964, Asian Honda Motor Co., Ltd. is established in Thailand

In 1965, Honda of the UK is established

In 1967, Motorcycle production begins in Thailand at the joint venture Thai Honda Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

In 1969, Honda Australia Pty., Ltd. is established. Honda Canada Inc. is also established 

In 1971, Honda Motor de Brazil Ltda. is established

In 1973, Honda Philippines Inc., a joint company for production and sales of motorcycles made from knockdown parts, is established

In 1977, Motorcycle production begins at Moto Honda da Amazonia Ltda. in Brazil

In 1978, Automobile distribution company Honda Europe N.V. is established in Belgium

In 1979, Honda of America Mfg., Inc motorcycle plant goes into operation

In 1980, Montesa Honda S.A., a joint venture for the production of motorcylces in Spain, is established

In 1982, Beijing Office is established in China

In 1985, Honda of the U.K. Manufacturing Ltd. is established

In 1989, Honda of America Manufacturing's second U.S. auto plant goes into operation at East Liberty, Ohio. Honda Motor Europe is established in the U.K., to serve as the European head office

In 1990, Honda Engine Manufacturing Philippines is established for production of automobile engines

In 1991,  Honda Motor Co., Ltd. Prague Office is established in Prague, Czechoslovakia - Honda's first branch in Eastern Europe

In 1992, Tenjin Honda is established in China

In 1993, Honda Czech Republic Ltd. is established

In 1994, Honda Vietnam Office is opened in Vietnam

In 1995, Honda develops world's first four-series sleeve-liner cylinder block for commercially produced engines

In 1996, Honda Vietnam Co., Ltd is established in Vietnam as a joint venture for production and sales of motorcycles

In 1999, Honda Motorcycle & Scooter India Pvt. Ltd. is established to manufacture and sell motorcycles in India. Wuyang-Honda Motors (Guangzhou) Co., Ltd. attains milestone of 10 million engines produced in China

In 1992, Honda Motorcycle R&D China Co., Ltd. is established

In 2022, Honda begins producing automobiles in Taiwan at Honda Taiwan Motor Co., Ltd.

According to Wikipedia/honda

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