Top 50 Annual Festivals In The World - P26.Boomtown Fair.


( BoomTown Fair is an eclectic, multi-genre music festival in the UK. Unrivalled in its originality and diversity, the festival brings together reggae, ska, folk, grime, garage, house, jungle, drum & bass, electro-swing and more for an unapologetically bonkers four days of partying.

BoomTown Fair is a music and arts festival held near Winchester in England, with a capacity of around 60,000 people. Founded in 2009, the festival has an elaborate mythos, which is built upon each year and includes a town mayor, elections, and passports. The festival is run by Boomtown Festival UK Limited company directors Chris Rutherford and Luke Marcus Mitchell, both from Bristol.

The festival places emphasis upon sustainability, charity and community responsibility. Donations to various charities are made each year from the festival's profits; in 2015 these were the Energy Revolution Initiative, Winchester Youth Counselling and Trinity Winchester. Tickets are donated to charity for raffles and competitions, and the festival works with Oxfam and Isle of Wight Air Ambulance who provide stewards. The festival also produces a fundraising CD at Christmas.

Evolving from a small gathering of like-minded friends into a vast pop-up metropolis celebrating a dizzying kaleidoscope of musical and artistic endeavour. Boomtown is one of the worlds most innovative festivals, offering its 60,000 people a fully immersive, theatrically-led experience like no other with hundreds of actors bringing the film-like street sets to life.

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