Top 50 Annual Festivals In The World - P17.Salvador de Bahia Carnival, Brazil.


( Bahian Carnival is a popular street event in the Brazilian state of Bahia. It began to evolve from the gap between social classes - street carnaval vs. private clubs - resulting in an inversion of the social order, a utopic celebration of equality in which the social divide is temporarily suspended.

Bahian Carnival is the annual carnival festival celebrated in the Brazilian state of Bahia, mainly in its capital, Salvador. The event lasts officially for six full days: it starts on a Thursday, then follows the usual five days of carnival (from Friday to Wednesday at noon).

The festival happens simultaneously in many sites, being the most famous the Campo Grande track (in the upper part of the city), Barra-Ondina track (by the shore), and Pelourinho (the historical neighborhood).

Estimations state that approximately 2.5 million people (being 1.5 million tourists) participate in the festivities every year.  Economic reports show that the festival has a large impact at Salvador’s local economy.

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