Top 50 Famous Souvenirs Of Countries All Over The World - P47. Turkish Coffee Pot (Turkey)


( Turkish coffee is simple and romantic, the way it was first made as a coffee drink. Turkish coffee is not the kind of coffee you grab on the way to work. It is a coffee for quiet enjoying. Turkish coffee is especially good for those who love life.

Turkish coffee was invented as a drink during the 16th century in the Middle East–brewed in little pots called ibriks or cezves. From Egypt, it spread through the Middle East, and then into Europe and Russia. Today you’ll find Turkish coffee in Middle Eastern and Greek restaurants from New York to San Francisco.

The Turkish coffee pot (“cezve”) is the first utensil that you must own to make proper Turkish style coffee. It’s the most distinguished item of the whole procedure.

The Turkish coffee pot is a unique utensil that we use to make Turkish coffee. It is the most important and irreplaceable part of this coffee making method. There are a lot of different names for Turkish coffee pot. The most common worldwide though are the Turkish /Arabic “cezve” or “ibrik” and the Greek “briki“.

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