Top 50 Famous Souvenirs Of Countries All Over The World - P42. Taipei Pineapple Cake (Taiwan)


( Anyone that travels understands the joy of taking something home to share with friends and family. Whether it’s a local delicacy or piece of finely crafted jewelry, these slivers of local culture allow you to share your experiences with others.

An obvious choice for number one, pineapple cakes are one of the most famous and popular items tourists buy when they travel to Taiwan. Somewhat similar to a Fig Newton, they are a soft pastry filled with a chewy pineapple filling.

Their sweet flavor is appealing to most, they come in relatively small boxes and sell for approximately NT$15 (US$0.50) to NT$45 (US$1.50) per piece. They also come in other fruit flavors, such as mango, blueberry and taro, and can be easily be found in shops throughout Taiwan.

According to wikipedia

Deluna Nguyen (collect) - WCSA - World Values Academy ( Source of photo : Internet)