Top 50 Famous Souvenirs Of Countries All Over The World - P41. Gems (Sri Lanka)


( No trip to Sri Lanka is complete without a dose of shopping. Local artisans are well-known for their high-quality production of traditional souvenirs and modern-style variations. A visit to Barefoot or Laksala will definitely satisfy your shopping urges.

Sri Lanka is famous for its sapphires and moonstones. The mines in Ratnapura have a constant supply of precious gems and the gemologists on the island know where to import the best gems from as well.

In the little town of the Galle Fort, gem stores sell gems on their own and in the form of jewellery as well. If you’re buying gems and jewellery, it’s best to use your bartering skills! There are also plenty of contemporary jewellery makers like Two Dots Jewellery, which you can find at Barefoot or via their online store.

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Deluna Nguyen (collect) - WCSA - World Values Academy ( Source of photo : Internet)