Top 20 World Buddhist Records - P5. Pali Tripitaka inscription on marble .


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Pali Tripitaka inscription on marble - the largest collection of Tripitaka inscription on marble in the world.





The largest collection of Tripitaka inscription on marble is located in Kuthodaw pagoda, a famous religious site in Mandalay, Myanmar. The collection consists 730 stone tablets and 1460 pages, each of them is 107 centimetres (3.51 ft) wide, 153 centimetres (5.02 ft) tall and 13 centimetres (5.1 in) thick. Each stone tablet has 80 to 100 lines of inscription on each side, chiselled out and originally filled in with gold ink. 

The engraved text was Tripitaka in Pali language, a language originated in India (it is also calledTripitaka Pali canon). Before engraving, the text had been meticulously edited by tiers of senior monks and royal scribes carefully copied the text on marble for stonemasons.

Each stone tablet has its own roof and precious gem on top in a small cave-like structure of Sinhalese relic casket type called kyauksa gu (stone inscription cave in Burmese), and they are arranged around a central golden pagoda.

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