Top 100 Managers In The World - P1.Tsai Ing-Wen


( Tsai became the first female presidential candidate of a major party in the history of the Republic of China after defeating her former superior, Su Tseng-chang, in the DPP's primary by a slight margin.

Tsai Ing-wen ( born August 31, 1956) is the President of the Republic of China, commonly known as Taiwan. Tsai is the second president from the Democratic Progressive Party (DPP). Tsai is also the first woman elected to the office. She is also the first president to be of both Hakka and aboriginal descent (a quarter Paiwan from her grandmother), the first unmarried president, the first to have never held an elected executive post before presidency, and the first to be popularly elected without having previously served as the Mayor of Taipei (the capital city of Taiwan).

She is the incumbent Chair of the Democratic Progressive Party (DPP), and was the party's presidential candidate in the 2012 and 2016 presidential elections. Tsai previously served as party chair from 2008 to 2012.


Tsai studied law and international trade, and became a university professor after she earned a master's degree in the United States (Cornell University) and then her Ph.D. in the United Kingdom (LSE).

After DPP President Chen Shui-bian took office in 2000, Tsai served as Minister of the Mainland Affairs Council throughout Chen's first term as a non-partisan.

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