[WCSA] Daily Highlights November 14, 2020 - Hela bio smart watch – Blood glucose tester on your wrist


(WorldKings.org) Knowing blood sugar levels is important for many people, but it usually requires uncomfortable and painful pricks. The Hela blood sugar testing watch changes that by instead reading your blood sugar levels from your sweat. Not only that, but this blood sugar test watch also monitors your heart rate, blood pressure, lactic acid, and more.

And now from Hela, the Hela Bio Smart watch, a wearable with blood glucose tester on your wrist. Pricking your skin to test your blood sugar is the thing of the past, this product from Hela will test your sweat to check for blood glucose. It is a non-invasive way of checking your blood sugar.



The Hela Bio Smart Watch uses its unique patented technology to read your blood sugar levels within three seconds. By analyzing your sweat, it gives you an accurate result on your glucose and active acid levels. All it needs to measure your blood sugar is a single drop of sweat on its bio nano sensor. Then, it can provide you with a reading in only three seconds.




No pain, no prick. Just apply a drop of sweat on the sensor as you continue on whatever exercise you’re doing, and see your result on the display. A green circle means you are in good condition. A red circle will show when your blood sugar is too high. Compare to traditional glucose test kits, Hela has advantages, including its size, portability, convenience, data volume, and monitoring frequency than traditional devices simply cannot compete with.



This totally painless wearable gadget also acts as an activity tracker, and it works together with a smartphone app to retain detailed information about past measurements. With a sleek design, it comes with a charging case that has a 30-day battery life and also acts as a wireless charger. The watch comes with a magnet-lock charge cable to ensure enclosure integrity and make charging a breeze.



Hela claims that the device can monitor your sleep, heart rate and even blood pressure, although there is no SpO2 sensor. Additionally, there is apparently a GPS module, although the device's IP67 certification limits its usefulness somewhat. While over US$200,000 has already been sunk into the Hela Bio smartwatch, we would advise waiting until the company starts delivering units to backers before shelling out at least US$189 on one.

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