[WCSA] Daily Highlights May 06, 2021 – Party Hoaster imprinting toaster helps you celebrate intimate events


(Wcsa.world) Set the mood for any gathering with the Party Hoaster imprinting toaster. Didn’t realize a toaster could be a must-have party gadget? Well, this one is. Great for party hosts, it has fun integrated features that let you make even better memories.

A common kitchen gadget, this toaster is unlike others. It has integrated mood lighting that lets you create the right atmosphere. Perhaps the coolest feature is the metal plate that comes with it. Simply pop that in the imprinting toaster with your bread, and it lets you leave special messages on the toast.



The toaster features an elegant, modern aesthetic that can be paired with your choice of burner plate within and will help to customize bread with your choice of words or images. This makes it ideal for use when entertaining to offer guests a themed or customized snack to enjoy.


The conceptual 'Home Party Hoaster' is the design work of Min Woo Kim and boasts a built-in handle that can be used for easily transitioning it between spaces. Users can choose from three toasting levels to enjoy toast with a finish that ranges from light to dark.

According tho The Gadgetflow, Trend Hunter


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