[WCSA] Daily Highlights – Mary 07, 2020 - Moona Active Cooling Pillow Pad helps you stay cool throughout the night


(Wcsa.world) Some people just sleep a little too warmly. Even if you sleep in the buff without blankets, you might still be too hot at night.

That’s where the Moona Active Cooling Pillow Pad comes in. In fact, this gadget uses an active thermoregulation system to keep your favorite pillow comfortably cool all night long.

According to Moona, the temperature is a key factor in how well you sleep. What’s more, the head and neck help regulate your body’s temperature at night. That’s why it developed this device: to help you fall asleep faster while avoiding hot flashes and night sweats.

When you order Moona, you’ll get the pillow pad, the bedside pod for your nightstand, and the app. From the app, you can control your device and track how well you’re sleeping.

According to thegadgetflow

Ruan Yun (Editor) - World Creativity Science Academy - WCSA