[WCSA] Daily Highlights June 2, 2021 - Icey Turns Any Beverage into a Frozen Slushy Drink


(WCSA) As summer approaches, pretty much everyone has their sights set on outdoor barbecues, picnics, beach trips, and sunbathing. And, of course, all of those are made better with an ice-cold slushie in your hand. Now, you can turn any of your favorite drinks into an icy concoction with ICEY.



The ICEY is a nifty little container that’s tall enough to fit right into your freezer. Inside it is an automatic churner that works just like an ice-cream maker does. Pour your drink into the ICEY and stash it in the freezer for up to 90 minutes and the ICEY turns it into an instant granita.



As the cold temperatures freeze your drink, the ICEY continuously churns it, turning into a flavorful snowy, crushed-ice beverage. It retains and amps up the flavors because you’re not adding any extra ice to it… you’re just turning it into ice instead… and unlike simply placing a bottle of juice into a freezer and turning into a popsicle, the ICEY makes sure the resulting beverage is semisolid like a slushie, and can be sipped through a straw.



The ICEY works with a variety of beverages. From juices to teas, coffees, colas, and even cocktails. The upper lid runs on AA batteries, while the base itself is designed to work as a tumbler – just pop the motor-lid off and pop in the straw-holding to-go lid instead. Every part of the ICEY is dishwasher safe.

According to The Spoon


Kimmy (collect) - (World Creativity Science Academy)