[WCSA] Daily Highlights July 15, 2021 - Alpha Neck: Proper Neck Pain Management


(Wcsa.world) Alpha Neck is a massage device inspired by Thai, Shiatsu & Hot-Stone massage techniques.

With the infrared heat technology (Hot-Stone massage style), acupressure contact points (Shiatsu massage style), and traction techniques (Thai massage style), Alpha Neck takes neck relief in a way that no other single device does, by starting from the upper back and working its way up. 



First, the infrared heat technology kicks in and distributes soothing heat deep into the inner layers of your stiff muscles to gently relax the underlying knots. Then, the Alpha Neck uses your own body weight to gently press the targeted areas in the neck and back against the device’s acupressure points to begin muscle traction. 



After 10 short minutes, you will feel revitalized and energized to start or finish off the day!

Alpha Neck is used carbon composites as the designated material to act as the heat conductor due to the material's low density, high mechanical strength, high thermostability, and high thermal conductivity. It is developed the heating technology to mimic these effects so that all that built up tension deep within your body can just melt away. 

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Kimmy (collect) - (World Creativity Science Academy)