[WCSA] Daily Highlights January 13, 2021 – Luxurious Mug for Advanced UV-Light Tech Disinfection


(Worldkings.org) Dangerous bacteria lurks all around you and your valuables. DisMug is a stylish and compact device, disinfecting everything from keys and masks to credit cards and smartphones.

It comes with two modes - choose between 45 seconds of thorough disinfection and a 12-minute complete sanitization. In fact, DisMug disinfects anything inside it with 360-degree UV light, thanks to the ingenious rotating technology powered by an electric motor that you can switch on and off.



When the spinning is on, it is able to rotate your smaller valuables (coins, keys), so that the light can reach their entire surface. When the spinning function is off, the device continues to disinfect but remains absolutely quiet.



When the object has an unusual shape, like a keychain with lots of keys, just switch the motor on, and DisMug will disinfect it thoroughly. For maximum effectiveness, the device also has a special holder that fits credit or business cards, pens, and styluses, so that the UV light reaches their entire surface.



Its familiar yet modern mug design is perfect for your car, desk, or backpack, conveniently ready whenever and wherever you need to safely sterilize your valuables. Finally, easily recharge the built-in long-lasting battery with the USB-C port.



According to Kickstarter, The Gadgetflow

Kimmy (collect) - (World Creativity Science Academy) - WCSA