[WCSA] Daily Highlights January 12, 2021 – Solar-Breeze: Pool cleaning robot removes up to 95% of debris


(Worldkings.org) If you own a pool, you’ll know how time-consuming it can be to clean the water after use. Fortunately, the Solar-Breeze Ariel solar pool cleaner provides a smart and efficient solution by collecting and retaining particles down to 200 microns in size. And it’s simple to use.

In other words, Ariel by Solar Breeze scoops up dead leaves and debris floating on the surface of the pool. All you have to do is switch it on and place it on the pool, and it will go about doing its job.



Place it in the water and its smart technology gets to work without you having to do anything. During use, the built-in sensors can detect obstructions to prevent any damage. And when it’s finished cleaning, the non-slip handle allows you to safely remove it from the water. 

Robot Ariel works in pools of all shapes and sizes, and even pools that are salt or chlorine base. It works in water salinity up to 6,500 ppm, and in temperatures ranging from 40 degrees Fahrenheit to 130 degrees Fahrenheit.




Perhaps more importantly, it is completely cordless. Robot Ariel is powered entirely by solar power. In the event there is no sunlight, Ariel’s backup battery affords over 10 hours of operation per charge.



Ariel is not just a pool cleaning person’s replacement because, not only it cleans up leaves and debris, but the mesh filter is capable of collecting hardly visible dust that maybe chilling out on the surface – down to 200 microns in size. That’s something a net cannot do.



According to The Gadgetflow

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