[WCSA] Daily Highlights April 07, 2021 – Power1 iPhone and AirPods case charger features Intelligent Power Monitoring


(Wcsa.world) The appearence of smartphones and accessories bringing the needs for frequent protection, storage, and power supply options. So, Power1 is a solution that will help you protect your iPhone and AirPods with simplicity, all with just one device. You can both use them as a case, charging dock, or power bank to charge both devices.

This is a case and charging dock for AirPods; with a slim, lightweight design, integrated with a backup battery so that users can both protect the iPhone / AirPods duo, while forgetting the worry of running out of battery.



With a 3000mAh battery capacity, the Power1 provides full power for more than 1 charge to the iPhone, bringing the number of AirPods charges up to 30 times.

Not only that, you can chat through the night with your beloved iPhone. Talk up to 34 hours on iPhone X / XS, 41 hours on XR, 40 hours on XS Max, and up to 90 hours on AirPods.



The best part about this gadget is that it has Smart Power Monitoring feature. The technology simultaneously powers your phone and headphones, ensuring they are always charged.

In particular, its first dual charge mode switch gives you two charging options. Mode 1, which only powers AirPods or Mode 2, powers AirPods and phones.



Power1's priority charging feature ensures your iPhone and AirPods are always the first to be powered up. When recharging Power1, your iPhone and AirPods will charge first. When your iPhone is full, the Power1's additional battery will begin to charge.



What's more, this iPhone case and rechargeable AirPods are compact so you can take it with you anywhere. Never let your essentials run out of battery and always keep them safe with Power1.



According to The Gadgetflow

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