[WCSA] Daily Highlights April 06, 2021 – Circlo unique table lamp has a flying switch you touch to turn on and off


(Wcsa.world) Get a useful device and a gorgeous home accessory with the Circlo unique table lamp. Its never-seen-before design uses patented technology: a flyswitch.

This system consists of a switch, which is a metal ball, that essentially floats in the middle of the air. So all you have to do is press the ball to turn the lamp on.

Additionally, you can trigger different preset mood light modes by tapping the ball. With a wireless induction system inside the flyswitch, it can even include a motor to make it move. With a circular shape, it fits easily in any space and produces a dimmable white light as well as colorful LED lights.



The Circlo table lamp has a dimmable white light functionality along with chromatic LEDs that can be customized to your choice of shade. This will transform the light into the perfect option for a number of different spaces.




This means you can eventually replace the switch for this unique table lamp with a new one that can do even more in the future. This simple, modern lamp has a beautiful design that’s sure to entrance anyone.



According to The Gadgetflow


Kimmy (collect) - (World Creativity Science Academy) - WCSA