[WCSA] Daily Highlights 12 January, 2022 – PISCES: The light which reduces fish bycatch


(Wcas.world) Light emitting devices that attract the fish fishermen mean to catch and repel the ones they don’t.

SafetyNet Technologies designs, builds, and tests light emitting devices that fishermen can retrofit to any commercial fishing gear to attract the fish they mean to catch and repel the fish they don’t want to catch, helping them achieve by-catch reductions of up to 90%.

1 in 5 fish caught is the wrong fish, and 1 in 5 fish caught is caught illegally. Hi-light these issues to the world with our glow in the dark Save Our Oceans t-shirt and you'll not only be spreading the word, but also helping address the problem!

The fishing industry is facing a global problem. Currently about 1 in 5 fish caught is discarded, that is 27 million tonnes annually. This is not only bad for the fish, it is also bad for fishermen and the global economy as a whole. This can equate to about £500K being lost per large industrial vessel per year.

When PISCES is attached to the trawler’s nets, bycatch can be reduced by up to 90%. It retrofits to almost any type of commercial fishing gear and most vessels would only require a set of 20 lights and a charger, which then helps enable them to comply with new fishing regulations.

PISCES not only saves fish, it will also help fishermen and protect one of our most loved food sources both now and in the future.

Different species of fish and crustaceans are affected by lights in different ways. Some are attracted and some are repelled, and it all depends on the type of light you use. PISCES will enable fishermen to easily specify the wavelength, intensity, polarization and flash-pattern of the light it emits, to better attract the size and species of fish they are licensed to catch. It is easy to fit, recharge and is designed specifically for the fishing environment.

According to indiegogo.com

Yun Ruan (Editor) - World Creativity Science Academy - WCSA