Top 100 Global Innovative Companies - P9.Naver.


( Naver, officially launched in 1999, was the first Korean web portal to develop its own search engine. The portal has since grown to offer a variety of related resources including communities, news, shopping resources, knowledge search, maps, books, email service, and browser toolbars.

Naver Corporation is an Internet content service operator headquartered in Seongnam, South Korea. Established in 1999 as Naver Com , it operates the Naver search portal and Hangame gaming services. The company was renamed NHN Corporation (Next Human Network) in September 2001 to reflect its mergers in 2000. The company renamed again to Naver Corporation on October 1, 2013 to reflect the company's spin-off of its subsidiary NHN Entertainment to oversee its Hangame operations.

Its subsidiaries in Japan operate the Line messaging application as well as the Japanese versions of Naver and Hangame.

Naver Com was established in 1999, operating the Naver search portal. In 2000, Naver merged with Hangame Communications, Inc., maker of online games, and a couple of other companies. In 2001, Naver Com was renamed to NHN Corporation ("Next Human Network"), although both divisions continued to operate under their original brand names.

In 2008 NHN appeared on the Forbes Global 2000 list for the first time.  That same year NHN had the largest market capitalization among KOSDAQ-listed companies before being transferred to the Kospi market in November. In 2009 Kim Sang-Hun of NHN and Jing-Wan Kim of Samsung were the only South Korean CEOs to appear on Asia's Fab 50.

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