[WCSA] Daily Highlights – March 24, 2020 - Vacuvita Home Base Food Storage Vacuum


(Wcsa.world) Keep your food as fresh as possible with the Vacuvita Home Base Food Storage Vacuum.



Complete with patented technology, this device removes the air from your food, bags, and containers. With this method, your food will last longer. The Vacuvita Home Base is perfect for your leftovers as well as for meal prep. The effortless system works with a simple hand movement.



With the included bags and containers, it allows your food to last up to five times longer. It’s great for anything from coffee to meat to vegetables. It even prevents freezer burn. Incredibly, you can also use the Vacuvita Home Base as a sous vide and marinade system.



In addition to saving you time and money, the Vacuvita Home Base has a stunningly sleek exterior. It will never look out of place in your kitchen.

According to thegadgetflow


Xiang Yun (Editor) - World Creativity Science Academy - WCSA