Top 50 Highest-Paying Jobs - P6.Computer Science Engineer.


( Computer engineering programs tend to resemble computer science at the lower division with similar introductory programming and math courses, but diverges from computer science at the upper division with heavy electrical engineering requirements.

Computer Science and Engineering (CSE) is an academic program at some universities that combines aspects of both computer science and computer engineering programs.



Average Salary: $66,700 to $112,600

A computer engineer, also called a software engineer, is responsible for developing, testing, and evaluating the software that makes our computers work. They may help in the development of new computer games, business applications, or even in the design of entirely new operating systems.



A computer engineer may also be responsible for constructing and managing an organization’s computer system and supplying technical support. A computer engineer typically works in an office or laboratory environment as part of a team and enjoys a traditional work schedule.

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