WCSA - On This Day - October 11, 2019 - John Rand patented a collapsible tube used for products like toothpaste in 1841


(Wcsa.world) John Goffe Rand (1801–1873) lived and worked in Boston, London, and New York as a portrait painter and inventor. Rand invented and patented the first collapsible artist's paint tube.


The invention relates to a mode of preserving paints and other fluids by confining them in close metallic vessels so constructed as to collapse with slight pressure, and thus force out the paint or fluid confined therein through proper openings for that purpose, and which openings may be afterward closed air-tight, and thus prevent the paint or other fluid remaining in the vessel from being injuriously acted on by the atmosphere.

The tin tube allowed unused oil paint to be stored and used later without drying out. In 1841, Rand patented  the invention with the United States Patent Office.

According to wikipedia

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