WCSA - Daily Highlights – November 29, 2018 - Steasy : The innovative and fully portable steamer


(Wcsa.world) steasy® is the first smart and portable steamer in the size of a lunchbox. It fits in every handbag. It is absolutely leakproof and with the rechargeable integrated battery we give you independence, freshness and more time for your meal break wherever you are! A new experience designed & engineered in Switzerland.

Steasy offers complete independence. A built-in battery, the meal can be heated anywhere and at any time. Enjoy your meal whenever and wherever you want.

Steasy heats the meal with an innovative steaming technology that warms the food  gently with steam. This preserves the taste and nutrients.

Your food is ready, if you want it. It eliminates all waiting times, because Steasy can be programmed per app on the desired mealtime. Thus you get with Steasy more quality of life.

According to steasy

Deluna Nguyen (Collect) - WCSA - World Almanac Events Academy ( Source of photo : Internet)