WCSA - Daily Highlights – August 08, 2018 - These cleverly designed jackets and vests are packed with hidden pockets so you can leave your bag behind


(Wcsa.world) Whether it's a backpack or a messenger , bags are a great way to carry around all the belongings you'll need throughout the day. But sometimes, carrying a bag can be cumbersome or an added responsibility you don't need when you just want to be able to move freely.

While stuffing an abundance of things into your pants pockets or simply leaving items behind might seem like the only option, there is a solution — SCOTTeVEST .

Founded in 2000 by Laura and Scott Jordan, SCOTTeVEST became the bridge between apparel designers and consumers' needs for modernized functionality in clothing. The idea came about when Lauren grew tired of carrying around all of Scott's gadgets — portable cameras, chargers, and MP3 players — in her purse. So Scott created the "eVEST," a fisherman's vest modified with extra pockets.

Today, SCOTTeVEST has evolved into a full line of smart apparel for men and women with an abundance of thoughtfully placed pockets. Smartphones, cameras, wallets, tablets, and even laptops can be carried inside the vests and jackets.

While Scott's original eVEST lives on through updated options like the Q.U.E.S.T. Vest , you're also able to buy hoodies, fleeces, jackets, pants, polos, sport coats, lab coats, hats, and even underwear. Yes, you can now walk around comfortably in just your undies without having to leave your phone and wallet behind.

According to businessinsider

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