WCSA - Daily Highlighs - January 14, 2018 - Amazon’s AR Mirror Will Transform Fitting Rooms With Virtual Backdrops.


(Wcsa.world) The retailer was awarded a patent for a blended reality mirror setup that can add backdrops and superimpose makeup and clothes.

Amazon has won a patent for a device that blends reality and illusion using an elaborate setup of mirrors, high-contrast screens and controlled lighting. The technology, which the retailer calls blended reality, can help shoppers try on makeup or clothes virtually.

In the patent, the mirror is backed by a screen that can add elements to the reflection. The system can blend in a layer of makeup or superimpose an item of clothing. It can also completely change the background of the mirror, transporting users to whatever location. Controlled lighting in the blended reality room makes the reflections look more convincing.

Amazon is making huge strides in the fashion space. While it has created at-home solutions to help people buy clothes, this mirror described in this patent requires a dedicated physical space. It’s easy to imagine the blended reality system in central locations, where you can “try on” the products in your Amazon cart in front of exotic backdrops before hitting checkout.

According to theverge.

Deluna Nguyen (Collect) - WCSA - World Almanac Events Academy ( Source of photo : Internet)