Top 100 People With The Highest IQ - P3.Judit Polgar (IQ 170)


(Wcsa.world) Polgár is the strongest female chess player of all time. Polgár is the only woman to have won a game against a reigning world number one player, and has defeated eleven current or former world champions in either rapid or classical chess.

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    Top 50 Child Prodigies In The World - P7.Sho Yano.


    (Wcsa.world) Yano's father, Katsura, is originally from Japan and his mother, Kyung, is originally from South Korea. Yano reportedly was reading by age two, writing by age three, playing classical music on the piano at age four, and composing by age five.

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    Top 50 Child Prodigies In The World - P6.Anne-Marie Imafidon.


    (Wcsa.world) Imafidon worked briefly for Goldman Sachs, Hewlett Packard, and Deutschebank before launching and becoming CEO of Stemettes in 2013, championing the work of women in STEM.

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    Top 50 Child Prodigies In The World - P5.William Henry West Betty .


    (Wcsa.world) William Henry West Betty was a sensation as a boy doing Voltaire and Shakespeare roles.

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    Top 50 Child Prodigies In The World - P4.Arfa Abdul Karim Randhawa .


    (Wcsa.world) World’s Youngest Microsoft Certified Professional, 2004-2008… Arfa Karim Randhawa ( born 1995 ) in Jatt Randhawa family is a student from Faisalabad in Pakistan, who in 2004 at the age of 9 years, became the youngest Microsoft Certified Professionals (MCPs) in the world, a title she kept until 2008.

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    Top 50 Child Prodigies In The World - P3.Enrico Fermi.


    (Wcsa.world) Fermi held several patents related to the use of nuclear power, and was awarded the 1938 Nobel Prize in Physics for his work on induced radioactivity by neutron bombardment and the discovery of transuranic elements.

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    Top 50 Child Prodigies In The World - P3.Zerah Colburn.


    (Wcsa.world) Colburn's abilities developed rapidly and he was soon able to solve such problems as the number of seconds in 2,000 years, the product of 12,225 and 1,223, or the square root of 1,449. When he was seven years old he took six seconds to give the numbers of hours in thirty-eight years, two months, and seven days.

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    Top 50 Child Prodigies In The World - P2.Blaise Pascal.


    (Wcsa.world) Pascal was an important mathematician, helping create two major new areas of research: he wrote a significant treatise on the subject of projective geometry at the age of 16, and later corresponded with Pierre de Fermat on probability theory, strongly influencing the development of modern economics and social science.

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    Top 50 Child Prodigies In The World - P1.Mikaela Fudolig.


    (Wcsa.world) In 2007, at 16 years old, Fudolig graduated with a bachelor's degree in physics, summa cum laude, from the University of the Philippines Diliman.